Lob-Tailing. (WHALES) CALIFORNIA ��� Off the coast of Monterey Bay, humpback whales attempted to defend a gray whale calf from a pod of killer whales in front of groups of whale watchers. Gray whale attacks Dolphin at the ocean- wild life so amazing? Whales are extremely impressive marine mammals with many characteristics that make them unique amongst others. Economic changes and efforts by conservationists put an end to whaling in the 1970s. Like breaching, lob-tailing is common among humpback and gray whales. Gray whales have gray skin, yes ��� mottled gray skin. In what is probably the first time such an event has been witnessed and recorded, humpback whales appeared to try to intervene when a pod of killer whales attacked a baby gray whale. Minke whale. Gray whales need enough food to survive the 10,000+ mile round-trip migration from Alaska to Baja. For more reasons than one, whales leave us in awe, being a part of ��� Distribution is worldwide: the blue, fin, humpback, and the sei whales are found in all major oceans; the common (northern) and Antarctic (southern) minke whale species are found in all the oceans of their respective hemispheres; and either of Bryde's whale and Eden's whale occur in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans, being absent only from the cold waters of the Arctic and Antarctic. Gray Whale (Suborder: Mysticeti) Instead of dorsal fins, the gray whale (Eschrichtius robustus) has a prominent hump on its back, followed by 6-12 knuckles or ... Humpback Whale ��� However, ... Whales vs Dolphins. By comparison. Size: 23 to 33 feet Defining trait: Quick movement, snout-first surfacing. That���s because their heads and bodies are often covered with barnacles; you ��� Humpback Whale. Gray whales. Blue whales are 80 to 100 feet long and Orca whales can grow 15 to 25 feet long.. Coloration: Gray whales are so called because of their mottled gray coloration. Much has been learned just since 2010 about gray whale migrations. All right. Forty years laters, researchers surveyed the humpback whale population and were stunned by the findings: tens of thousands of whales were migrating up the east coast of South Africa. With international and federal government protection, their population has returned to levels estimated for their pre-hunting numbers. The Naming of Things: Humpback Whale vs Humpback Dolphin. One of the most well known facts about cetaceans is that the Humpback whale was named after the hump on its back, in front of its dorsal fin, which is accentuated when preparing for a deep dive. Typically, the whale���s eyes will be slightly above or below the surface of the water. The western grey whale population is restricted to the coasts of China, Korea, Japan and Russia and has been hunted almost to extinction; there are estimated to be fewer than 100 animals in this critically endangered population. If the whale you see has very long fins on their sides and a tapered head, then you definitely have seen a humpback whale. Size: Gray whale���s range in size from 35 to 45 feet long and weigh 30 to 40 tons­; females weigh more and are longer than the males. See: Scientists see big 'scientific event' as Pacific whales turn up far from home for more. Aerial footage captured Pacific white-sided dolphins swimming with gray and humpbacks whales off Monterey Bay, California, on January 19. Gray whales are intermediate in size in comparison with other well-known whales. So here they are! https://www.nationalgeographic.com/.../mammals/g/gray-whale Lob-tailing is when a whale lifts its flukes out of the water and bringing them down onto the surface to make a loud slap. There are a lot of whales out there, but I'm just going to list the 10 types of whales found in North America. Grey whales occur in two distinct populations in the North Pacific. The calf���s mother fought as best she could, but when the killer whales��� skilled attack was too much for her, the humpbacks stepped in. They are known for their stocky bodies with obvious humps and black dorsal coloring. The humpback whale is one of the most well-known whale types. March 7, 2019. Along with humpback whales, Gray whales make the longest migration of any marine mammal. SPLASH study mapped humpback whale populations and migration in the North Pacific Gray whales have made an amazing comeback from the brink of extinction. Large scale-whaling in South Africa drove humpbacks whales to the edge of extinction. A ferry coming from Seattle to Bainbridge Island hit a juvenile Humpback whales can be distinguished by their small dorsal fin and long pectoral flippers, and they show their tail flukes more often Blue whales are the biggest. The mother gray whale struggled valiantly to save her calf, lifting it out of the water to breathe, but she was no match for the coordinated attack as the orcas repeatedly grabbed the fatigued calf and flipped it upside down to prevent it from breathing. With so many species it is difficult to make up an average life span. Blue Whale Vs. Gray Whale- What���s the Difference? Whales are, first and foremost, ... To name a few of the most popular whales in this category: blue whales, humpback whales, gray whales etc.