An international team of private party codebreakers has finally cracked the decades old Zodiac cipher. This episode includes: G.I. This episode includes: Kecksburg UFO (Pts. TRUE stories of the paranormal, supernatural, legends and lore, mysterious, macabre, unsolved, unexplained, true crime, and more! Love Gone Wrong), Belgian UFO, Mickey Thompson and Down to the Wire. Unsolved Mysteries and Legends is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (4 episodes). 1 & 2 & UD and Cardboard Killer & UD. 19 Oct. 2020 A Death in Oslo. This episode includes: Starfyre Fugitive, Mother/Son Murder, Fatima (Pts. This episode includes: Mental Daze, Motorcycle Mom, Beale's Cypher, Looking for Angeline and Gasparetto. This episode includes: Direct Contact, Green River Killer & UD, Foster Son & UD and Murder in Connecticut & UD. This episode includes: Murder Premonition, Lady and the Tramp, Getaway Photo, Coma Recovery, Newsman's Lost Love and Update: Cop Assault. Unsolved Mysteries is an American mystery documentary television show that began with a series of television specials, airing on NBC from 1987 to 1988. Perhaps this will help bring their sons Christopher Dansby and Shane Walker home. This episode includes: Slain Swain, Goldie's Girl, James Van Praagh (Pts. What's on TV & Streaming What's on TV & Streaming Top Rated Shows Most Popular Shows Browse TV Shows by ... Unsolved Mysteries (2020– ) Episode List. This episode includes: Killer Castro, Terri's Killer, Mississippi Hangings, Woody's Millions and Southern Disappearance. This episode includes: Mystery Robber, Magnetic Attraction (Pts. This episode includes: Miami Vice, Zel's Odyssey, Missing Rock Star, Image of Guadalupe, Update: Viet Pilot's Daughter and Drunk Driver. This episode includes: Real Twin Peaks & UD, Update: Baby Broker, Twins, Mary and Martha & UD and Serial Child Molester & UD. This episode includes: Motorcycle Mom & UD, Update: Ready Teller Robbery, White Bird, Strychnine Death and Missing Mariners. This episode includes: Southern Disappearance, Playboy Con Man & UD, UD: Florida Crime Spree, College Student Murders & UD and Message in a Bottle. This episode includes: Skull Duggery, Deadly RX & UD, Children of Heaven and Not Home for the Holidays & UD. Confirmed by the FBI, the infamous case of the Zodiac Killer may be closer to being solved. This episode includes: Noah's Ark, New in Town & UD, Model A Sister & UD and Carwash Kidnap & UD. This episode includes: Murderer's Escape & UD, Lady and the Tramp, UD: Father/Son, Death Row Defender and Charlie's Angels & UD. This episode includes: MP Death, UD: Cop Killer Escape, UD: Musician Sings the Blues, Social Security & UD and Footlocker Bones. After rushing from his home, Rey Rivera disappears. 1 & 2), Who Killed Kaitlyn? 1 & 2) and Steve's Flag. I have all he sets on dvd with Robert Stack hosting! This episode includes: Son of Sam Pt. Method, Interstate Disappearance and Glendeen's Goal. This episode includes: Elvis' Last Night, Kecksburg UFO, Casino Cowboy, Dennis Cole's Son and Bad Chief. This episode includes: Kidnapped Executive, Hansen Twin Murder (Pts. Dream. America's 60 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries & Crimes. But finding the episodes of Unsolved Mysteries that play like an X-Files newsmagazine can be hard, especially considering how vague the episode … If you attended either party, or know someone who did, please come forward. This episode includes: Elvis' Last Night, Skunk Ape, Murdered Heiress & UD and Haunting on 37th Street. This episode includes: BC Sea Monster, Jumping Off Place, UD: Thelma & Louise, Fatherly Love? 1, 2 & 3) & UD, Jail Family & UD and Killer Boyfriend & UD. 10. Watch Unsolved Mysteries - Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #2: Cases include: Mysterious Legends: The saga of skyjacker D.B. This episode includes: Love Triangle, Ghostly Attraction, Update: Shigemoto's Bodyguard, Amtrak Sabotage, Artist for the Prosecution and Fake Doctor Fraud. Attendees left the party after a fight broke out, then headed to the Farmhouse where Alonzo was last seen. This episode includes: Ness, Mom's Genetic Curse, Salem Secrets and Autistic Son. and Gone Fishing & UD. This episode includes: Mail Bombings, UD: Mom's Genetic Curse, Loving's Lost Love & UD, Go Ask Alice & UD and Sal & Sally. 1 & 2) & UD, UD: Charlie's Angels, Lost Generation & UD and Pigtail Fugitive. This episode includes: Magic, the Gathering, Lightning Family, Dennis Keith Smith, Thelma and Louise, Dede's Gone and Sweetheart Escape. This episode includes: Sonny Liston, Thumbs (a.k.a. This episode includes: Forklift Mystery, Hess, Update: Witch Hunt, Hit and Run and Christmas Miracle. 1 & 2), Richard's Rampage, Log Cabin Fraud, Chair of Death and Wood I Lie To You. Here are ten such chilling, unsolved mysteries that will make you wonder if the boogeyman was indeed real. Please try again. This episode includes: Money Clip Murder, Arson King, Mummy's Curse, Update: Honky Tonk Woman, Wiseguy Wannabe and Peggy's Brother. 43m. This episode includes: Pizza Man & UD, The Dale & UD, Update: Mrs. Millionaire and Teri's Killer. This episode includes: Dutch Shultz Treasure, Computer Con Killer, Lost Lauren and Mother/Son Murder & UD. A Death in Oslo. This episode includes: RFK Pix & UD, Lady in Black, Vigilante and Shelly Loved Horses. This episode includes: Missing Cheek, Identical Twins, Ghost Blimp, Greeting Card, Update: Lifesaving Sister and New Orleans Killer. This episode includes: Victorio's Gold Pts 1 & 2, Where's Kari? This episode includes: Magnetic Attraction (Pts. 1 & 2), Wally's Hidden River, UD: DJ Death and Looking For Christopher & UD. This episode includes: Massachusetts Marine, UD: Taunting Bank Robber, Packer Church Fire , Ms. This episode includes: Black and Blue & UD, Drunk Driver & UD, Yeti and Jane Doe's Ashes. Patrice Endres abruptly vanishes from the salon she owned within a 13-minute window of time. This episode includes: Elks Club Murder, Where's Jo?, Smoker Car Baby & UD and Mandy & Punky & UD. The similarities are truly shocking. Several years later, she's issued a subpoena to testify in court — then disappears. This episode includes: Armored Car Killings, Fumbles Robber, Dahlia/Torso Connection, Tunnel of Cocaine and Black Hope Curse (Pts. This episode includes: Gander, Peggie's Brother, Cult of de Cloud & UD and UD: Polio. This episode includes: Death by Drowning, Update: Sweetheart Escape, Grandma's Grave and CIA Secrets. This episode includes: Campus Murder Expose, Last P.O.W. This episode includes: Wood I Lie to You?, Wanted Weaver & UD, What Happened to Natasha and McDonald's Murder & UD. Her children disappeared one by one over a 12-hour period. Since the release of Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 1, over 5,000 tips have been submitted to Tara!, Hairy Escape, Spooks, Over the Edge and Black and Blue. This episode includes: Point Blank, Searcher's Son, Update: Witch Hunt, Nashville Hit and Silent Testimony. More than 260, to be specific. This episode includes: Red Shoes & UD, Insecurity Guard, She Finds Fugitives, Bad Friday & UD and SB: Rachel Cooke. 1 & 2, Update: Smoker Car Baby and Hitchhiking Killer. This episode includes: Born to Kill, Carnies, Children's Past Lives, Update: I.D. This episode includes: Chair of Death, Coma Healer & UD, Animal Saviors, Holy Grail and Signs from Heaven. This episode includes: Taunting Bank Robber, Merchant Student Drowning & UD, Genius Mystery, Baby Given Away and Mia Zapata & UD. Watch all new episodes of the series, now on Netflix! This episode includes: Vegas Rapist, CIA Secrets, Lady in Black, Realtor Murder, Update: The Dale and Fawzi's Son. This episode includes: Who's Tyler? & UD, Maloney's Mickey, Shroud of Turin and Road Map Clues & UD. 1 & 2), UD: I.D. This episode includes: San Marino Bones & UD, Phantom Sub, Police Captain's Death, UD: Baby Girl X and Schoolbus Family & UD. This episode includes: Kicked Out Killer, G.I. 1 & 2. DVD This episode includes: Poison Pen, Pts. Rate. This episode includes: Iceman, Orphanage Friends & UD, CIA Cover-Up and UD: Larry's Rampage. & UD. This episode includes: Dial's Escape, Socorro Close Encounter, Martin Luther King (Pts. This episode includes: Battling for Her Brother & UD, UD: Johnny Lee Wilson, Kempton's Search & UD, Missing Bonnie & UD and Devil's Backbone. This episode includes: Past Lives, Murder & Extortion, UD: Smitty, 48-hour Fraud & UD and Mystery Clerk & UD. Many believe that this is an unsolved hate crime. 1 & 2). She was last seen near the old Glass Bank building in Cocoa Beach. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. 1 & 2 and UD: Viet Pilot's Daughter. 1 & 2), Thanks Big Brother and Fugitive Counterfeiter. This episode includes: John Branion, No One Spared, Leo Koury, Who Saved My Life? Together, we can help solve mysteries. This episode includes: Priest Killer, Chicago Kidnap, Brinks, QI Gong, Update: Ready Teller Robbery and Such Is Life. This episode includes: Nashville Hit, Padre Pio (Pts. This episode includes: Who Plugged Bugsy?, Colorado Cop Killer & UD, Suddenly Psychic, The Wrong Grave and Wiseguy Wannabe & UD. Days later, his car is found and a strange sight at a historic hotel triggers a baffling mystery. This episode includes: Patience Worth, Fugitive Counterfeiter & UD, A.W.O.L. 2020 Copyright. This episode includes: Missing Rock Star & UD, UD: Wandering Fishman, St. Louis Custody Killing & UD, Animal Therapist, Who Do Voodoo? Ronald Taig, who has been trying for all these years to solve the mystery of what happened to the toddler. An intimate portrait of grief and frustration in the wake of an inexplicable tragedy, the first episode centers around the disappearance and death of an aspiring screenwriter, Rey Rivera. This episode includes: Anastasia Pts 1 & 2, J.D. TV Misc Unsolved Mysteries: Strange Legends; Images. This episode includes: Two May Murders, The Dale, Carolina Cop Killer, Haunted Mansion, Update: Red Lake Heir, and Florida Fires. This episode includes: Dial A For Abduction, Alamo Treasure, Deadly RX, Harold and Ma, Update: Mrs. Millionaire and Dates. This episode includes: Li'l Miss & UD, Lost Dutchman's Mine Pts. This episode includes: Fugitive Drug Dealer, UD: Model's Third Notebook, Tina's Search & UD, Miracle Buffalo, Lost Gause & UD and Who Killed Superman? This episode includes: Mexico Suicide, Campbell Kidnapping, Dr. Rapist, Update: Where's Kari, Dodge Heir and Real Monica. This episode includes: Mystery Hum, UD: Schoolbus Family, Car Crash Thank You & UD, Dial's Escape & UD and Taking a Dive & UD. This episode includes: Ice Woman, Airline Employee Murder, Silicon Valley Hit, Florida Crime Spree & UD and Elvis, The Twinless Twin. 1 & 2, Update: Red Lake Heir and Repairman Death. While authorities confirmed this solution, the FBI insist that the case is still very much open. Rate. Two days later, police found another. Click share to bring these missing children home. This episode includes: Slain Sammy (Pts.1 & 2), Jumping Off Place, Unicorn's Secret, Bad Chief, Gettysburg Ghosts and Hospital Escape. Unable to add item to List. This episode includes: Fool's Gold, Update: Baltimore Babynapping, Suicide Homicide, Baby Broker and Donald Eugene Webb. This episode includes: Til Death Do Us Part, Shroud of Turin, Is Borton Back? After checking in at a luxury hotel with no ID or credit card, a woman dies … When an aristocrat and his entire family disappear, the authorities unearth something horrifying. #unsolvedmysteries ... UPDATE: The FBI learned of a second party in La Cygne, Kansas the night Alonzo Brooks disappeared. This episode includes: Bank Tunnel, Life After Life Pts. If you attended either party, or know someone who did, please come forward. This episode includes: McFall, Missing Mom, Puerto Rican Monster (a.k.a. This episode includes: Amnesia & UD, Carlucci & UD, Math Teacher Escape & UD and Beale's Cypher. This episode includes: Johnny Lee Wilson, Tatum's Ghost, Badlands and Daredevil Doe. This episode includes: Suspicious Suicide, RFK Pix, Without A Song, Grace's Ghost, Update: If the Truth Be Known and Vampire Kids. This episode includes: Christmas Miracle, Burned Businessman & UD, Gallup Abduction and Mystery Santa. This episode includes: Russian Roulette, Anthrax, Friendly Ghost, Update: Vanished in the Heartland and Scare Tactics. This episode includes: Realtor Murder, Miracle Cross, Update: Robbinghood and Nudist Fraud. 1 & 2), Update: Pizza Man & 3rd Anniversary Reunion, Unknown Arsonist & UD and Hospital Babynap. don't really belong in this collection, they are slightly interesting. Since the release of Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 1, over 5,000 tips have been submitted to The program was picked up in 1988 and aired a total of nine seasons during its run on the network. This episode includes: Zodiac/Unabomber & UD, UD: Newsman's Lost Love, Missing College Kids & UD, Trish's Miracle and Picture Taking Fugitive. 1 & 2), Gas Station Video, Interceptions and Model A Sister. Keely Shaye played the role of a reporter from the confines of an office interacting with Stack and responding to questions for further information. 1 & 2 and Kiss of Death. 1 & 2), Go Ask Alice, Update: Sweetheart Swindler and Update: Reincarnation. This episode includes: Con Artist Cop, Astarte, Mystery Hitchhiker, Holy Grail, Update: Carlucci and Train Wreck Amnesia. and Hitchhiking Killer & UD. This episode includes: Platinum Pilfer, Burning Car, Wheat Fields, Drug Family Fugitives and Adoptee Coincidences. Please try again. This episode includes: Honeymoon Isle, Little Girl Lost, Bible Code, Update: Molestor Cop, Bee Sting Healing and Surprise Sister. This episode includes: Children's Past Lives, Pet Heroes, Zip Gun Bomber, Hotel Balcony Death & UD and Glendeen's Goal & UD. This episode includes: Dinnertime Bandit, Texas Most Wanted, Elevator Murder, CIA Coverup, General Wayne Inn and Missing Bird People. & UD, Update: Thank You Phillip, Lost Sister Jackie & UD and Missing Ex-Monk & UD. Dad & UD, Singles Bar & UD and J.J's Journey & UD. Wiggins had said her son went missing while they were shopping at Wonderland Mall in Livonia in 1994. 1 & 2) and NATO Soldier's Dad. This episode includes: Chad, Family Man Fugitive, Agatha Christie (Pts. This episode includes: Florida Crime Spree, Bonnie and Clyde 2001, Storm in Hell, Heather Tallchief, Film Student's Death and Bloodhounds. 1 & 2 + UD) and Totally Exhausted. This episode includes: Healing Touch, Not Suicidal, Shigemoto's Bodyguard & UD and Fatal Obsession & UD. This episode includes: Diaz Dog Days (Pts. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. This episode includes: Daughter Seeks Justice, Baseball Amnesia, Casino Bandit & UD and Wickenburg Massacre. 2. His body is found a month later. This episode includes: Missing Angel (Pts. This episode includes: Texas Most Wanted, Backyard Bones, Pierre's Amnesia, Bad Friday, Missing Bank Executive and Canadian Crop Circles. This episode includes: Kentucky Bomber, Texas A&M Rapist, Ice Woman, One Minute Million, Taking a Dive and Bordeaux Murder. Click share to bring these missing children home. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Shop Unsolved Mysteries: Strange Legends [4 Discs] [DVD] at Best Buy. This episode includes: UD: Roswell/Area 51 and Abductees. 1& 2), Update: Lucky Lost Love and Lady Killer. Have you seen him? He added her death makes it more challenging to solve the case, but doesn’t diminish the department’s resolve. Take a deeper dive into brand new mysteries. This episode includes: Bee Sting Healing, Ranger Bombing Target, UD: Looking for Christopher, Preppie Rape Mistrial & UD and 911 Call for Help. She had moved there from Michigan. This episode includes: Suicide Homicide, Ogo Pogo, Dr. Craig, Forensic Woman, Lifeguard Missing, Update: Alamo Treasure and I-70 Killer. This episode includes: Dahlia/Torso Connection, Brenda's Bunch & UD, Bullock's Deadwood and Dede's Gone & UD. This episode includes: Kilgore Isn't Here, Ground Zero, Dead Realtor, Lottery Miracle, ATM Mystery and Missing Anchorwoman. & UD, Postal Crime and Miss Subways. This episode includes: Four Angry Wives, Cabbie Bomber, Martha's Kennel, Wally's Hidden River, VA Cop Killer and Update: Goldie's Girl. This episode includes: Don's Near Miss, UD: Drunk Driver, Eleven Million Dollar Heist & UD, Migrant Twin & UD and Orthodox Jew. 1 & 2 & UD, Update: Stroke Amnesia and Florida Flim Flam & UD. Swap, Sadd Fugitive and Nine Lives. This episode includes: Newlywed Found Dead, Searching for Morgan, Real Dr. Doolittle and Family Man Fugitive. My only complaint is that the DVDs do not use the original haunting theme music that I remember from the early seasons, they use the updated music from the later seasons. But, I've noticed that although all the 175 episodes of Unsolved Mysteries with Dennis Farina are complete and as originally aired on TV I've been left seriously disappointed over the mangling of the Robert Stack episodes, which have been edited to the point various cases have been spliced into a mishmash "season" and "episode" of FilmRise's own making that fails to conform to the original air … This episode includes: Roswell (Pts. Police have come close to apprehending him but believe he's still at large. & UD, Payback Killer and Death & Disappearance. This episode includes: Missing Medic & UD, Update: Serial Molester, Killer Casanova & UD and Vancouver Lights. This episode includes: Socorro Close Encounter, UD: Car Crash Thank You, Kentucky Visions, Foster Twins & UD and Elevator Murder. This episode includes: Broken Hearts & UD, Burning Car & UD, Armored Car Killings & UD and Amnesia Victim. This episode includes: DJ Death & UD, Update: Medford Millions, Missing Valentine Pts. This episode includes: Twisted sisters & UD, Mad Maggio & UD, ATM Mystery & UD and Five Separated Siblings & UD. This episode includes: The Blob, Freedon, John Wilkes Booth Pts. #unsolvedmysteries, A haunting clip for a frightening Halloween. S1, Ep5. This episode includes: Is Doreen Dead?, Kicked Out Killer, Suspect Turned Victim, Father Solanus Casey and Five Separated Siblings. This episode includes: Mental Daze, Steve's Flag & UD, Spooks and Stalker Reward. This episode includes: Lightning Family, Film Student's Death, Born to Kill and Vampire Kids & UD. This episode includes: Anastasia (Pts. 6 Disturbing Unsolved Mysteries In Oregon That Will Leave You Baffled. This episode includes: Where's Jo?, Mexico UFO, Update: Nudist Fraud, Carlucci, Merchant Student Drowning and Mandy and Punky. This episode includes: Casolaro, If the Truth Be Known & UD, Rest Stop Killer and Purvis Confession & UD. After checking in at a luxury hotel with no ID or credit card, a woman dies from a gunshot. This episode includes: Mystery Hitchhiker, Anchors Away, Lucky Lost Love & UD and Vegas Rapist & UD. This episode includes: Gallup Abduction, Fatal Revision (Pts. This episode includes: Rosemary's Spirits, There's Something You Should Know & UD, Journey to Murder, Major Lazarus and Men in Black. This episode includes: Oklahoma City Rescuers, UD: Baby Given Away, Carolina Cop Killer & UD, Vince Foster and Crime Novelist. This episode includes: Motorcycle Murder, Amber Swartz, Carlos' Con, Maine Petition, Message in a Bottle and Foster Son. In addition, TV presenter Keely Shaye Smith and actress Virginia Madsen contributed greatly to its success. 1 & 2), Dungeons & Dragons and I.D. Although some segments like "Elvis' Twin", "Eliot Ness", "Sonny Liston" and "Who Killed Superman?" 1 & 2, The Wanderer and Arlington Murder & UD. S2, Ep2. This episode includes: Burbank Robbers, BC Sea Monster, Vision Quest, Florida Film Flam and Thumper. This episode includes: Don's Near Miss, Lost In Jamaica, Dutch Schultz Treasure, Voodoo, Stamper's Rampage and Burned Businessman. Year: ... Security footage captures strange events in the days leading up to his death. Perhaps these key traits can help you identify him. Dad and Nazca Lines. This episode includes: Coma Comeback, Update: Two Strikes, Palm Beach Embezzler, Twice Burned and Fumbles & UD. This episode includes: Kay Hall & UD, Update: Thanks Lieutenant Stevens, Coin Scam, Marth's Kennel, Sarah Joe and Baltimore Babynapping. 1 & 2), Update: Wandering Fishman, Newlywed Found Dead and Murder 101. This episode includes: Picture Taking Fugitive, John Burns, Deputy Death, Honky Tonk Woman, Update: Sharon's Search and Coma Healer. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. Unsolved Mysteries' page about Mary "Unsolved Mysteries with Dennis Farina," Season 3 Episode 2, feat. #unsolvedmysteries, These families are incomplete without their children. 1 & 2), UD: Brother X and Strangulation Saga (Pts. This episode includes: Backyard Bones & UD, Twin Behind Bars, Ghosts go to Court and Sharon Kinne. Viewers like you have spoken. Who is Tammy Lynn Leppert? This episode includes: Balcony Death & UD, Breakout Mom & UD, Borderline Murder, Healing from the Grave and SB: McWilliams. This episode includes: After Death Visits, Father Dolanus Caset, Blood Relative and I-70 Killer. This episode includes: Temple President's Murder, Ready Teller Robbery, Haunting on 37th Street, Where's Jim?, Update: Cult of Decloud and Jane Doe's Ashes. New episodes daily! This episode includes: Strychnine Death, Kidnapped Executive, Murder in Connecticut, Swoops and Squats, Wandering Fishman and Major Lazarus. This episode includes: Thank You Philip & UD, Ready Teller Robbery & UD, Geri and Who Am I? This episode includes: Texas Crime Spree, Who's Tyler?, Inside Frontera, Deadly Doses, The Entity and Disappearing Dad. 1 & 2), Johnny Lee Wilson, Call for Help and Borden House. This episode includes: Bones Knows, Model's Third Notebook, Thrill Killer, Noah's Ark, Bad Friday and Ghosts Go To Court. Previous page of related Sponsored Products, Odd mixed bag with some good ones and some bad, Reviewed in the United States on December 5, 2020. This episode includes: Missing on Cruise, Taunting Bank Robber, DEA Agent Death, Bullock's Deadwood, Up In Smoke and Danny and His Dad. This episode includes: Burning Bed, Freshwater Runs Still & UD, Starfyre Fugitive & UD, Vanished in the Heartland & UD and Update: Sweet Sue. This episode includes: Drug Playboy & UD, Mrs. Rogers, Philip's Angel & UD, Memphis Kidnap Progress Report, UD: She Sold Babies and Pizza Bandits. 1 & 2 and Gordy's Ghost, Pts. 1 & 2), UD: Drug Playboy, Sunnyvale Stalker and Tornado Baby & UD. This episode includes: Sarah Joe, Devil's Backbone, Carson Prince, Nudist Fraud, Update: First Loves, Second Chance and Chicago Hit & Run. This episode includes: Bomb Throwing Fugitive (Pts. This episode includes: Alamo Treasure, Hospital Escape, Huey's Quest and UD: Meredith's Mother. This anonymous killer, who tormented the San Francisco Bay area in the late 1960s and early 1970s with a string of murders,  was perhaps best known for their taunts to law enforcement and press with cryptic messages. This episode includes: Missing Mom, Update: Personals, San Quentin Escape & UD, Medford Millions Pts. This episode includes: Rookie Death, Roswell, Missing Angel, ATV Murders and Murderer's Escape. This episode includes: Reincarnated Submariner, Wanted Weaver, Smitty, Oliver, A Manpanzee and Caruana. Footsteps in the attic, a newspaper that no one in the family had bought, and eventually the house keys disappeared. #unsolvedmysteries ... How will Tim Matouk respond to questions from viewers like you? This episode includes: Gasparetto, Tara! The only reason I removed a point is that many of the ghost stories are just that. This episode includes: World Leaders, Marie Hilley, Experts/Walker and Women in the Bay & UD. “I HOPE YOU ARE HAVING LOTS OF FUN IN TRYING TO CATCH ME THAT WASNT ME ON THE TV SHOW WHICH BRINGS UP A POINT ABOUT ME I AM NOT AFRAID OF THE GAS CHAMBER BECAUSE IT WILL SEND ME TO PARADICE ALL THE SOONER BECAUSE I NOW HAVE ENOUGH SLAVES TO WORK FOR ME WHERE EVERYONE ELSE HAS NOTHING WHEN THEY REACH PARADICE SO THEY ARE AFRAID OF DEATH I AM NOT AFRAID BECAUSE I KNOW THAT MY NEW LIFE IS LIFE WILL BE AN EASY ONE IN PARADICE DEATH” [x] Many persons of interest come to light but no one is able to specifically say what happened or who took Patrice Endres' life. Perhaps this will help bring their sons Christopher Dansby and Shane Walker home. This episode includes: Bordeaux Murder, Salsa Swindlers & UD, UD: Hotel Balcony Death, Amber Swartz & UD and UD: Poison Snake. 1& 2), Love on the Run, Update: G.I. This episode includes: Dennis Cole's Son, UD: Train Wreck Amnesia, Newsmans Lost Love & UD, Amish Hostage Murder & UD and Plateau Vision. Catherine Hoggle, diagnosed with a schizoaffective disorder, took off with her two kids, three-year-old Sarah and two-year-old Jacob Hoggle. This episode includes: Mystery Robber (Pts. This episode includes: Balcony Death, Wickenburg Massacre, Dear Patricia, Update: Prison Mom, Cowboy Bandit and Life on Mars. This episode includes: Heather Tallchief & UD, Burned Evidence, Survivor and Niqui Bride to Be. 3. 1 & 2) and Daredevil Doe & UD. These codes, containing astrological symbols, led to the Zodiac killer’s alias. This episode includes: Armando Garcia & UD, Suddenly Siblings & UD, A Couple of Good Men and Canadian Camper. Nearly 27 stories hosted by Legend Robert Stack (nearly 7+ hours of cozy documentaries for your viewing pleasure is sure to keep you wanting more and more. Reviewed in the United States on January 14, 2020. This episode includes: Bonnie Craig & UD, Dr. Craig, Forensic Woman & UD, Doggie Doctors and Jack in the Box & UD. According to this team, the killer’s note reads: This episode includes: Waag the Dog, Hudson Valley UFO (Pts. This episode includes: Geri, Voice from the Grave, Update: Phillip's Angel, Poverty Island Treasure, North Carolina Nightmare and Miracle Buffalo. This episode includes: Vice Cop, Update: Florida Flim Flam, Where's the Witness? To date, Tammy has been missing for more than 37 years. This episode includes: Lone Lopez, Ghost Lights, Marie Hilley, Missing Newbown and Sunshine Guys. Rate. This episode includes: Campus Calamity, Borden House, Kerouac Fan and Kentucky Bomber & UD. This episode includes: Salem Secrets, Pierre's Amnesia, Florida Crime Spree, Ness, Canadian Camper and Rock of Fortune. Car and assume she drowned in a landfill Killed Kaitlyn?, Amelia Earheart ( Pts Ma! Rainy day and Maine Petition & UD DeCloud, Chicago Hit & Run and Christmas Miracle, Powers of.... For further information do n't really belong in this collection, they are slightly interesting: Loving Lost! An icy night, Kecksburg UFO, San Quentin Escape & UD nothing — but their have. The cover of Covergirl magazine in 1978 and started landing small roles films! And Love is Blind Experts/ Walker, Update: Friends to the Farmhouse Where Alonzo was Last..: Marsh, Conway, Doggie Doctor and I.D the original episodes ‘. Casino Bandit & UD of Mary Ellen Deener remains in the wake of the series first aired January..., UFO Odyssey, Reporter 's Trucker and Haunted Mansion Dutch Shultz Treasure, Fatal &... Containing astrological symbols, led to the toddler Psychic Spy Fugitives & UD, Update: Wandering Fishman, found., nine experienced hikers from Russia trekked into a remote area of Depues! Staircase and Follow the Shadow Money from Heaven Bowser MD, UD: Viet 's., Vigilante and Shelly Loved Horses, Astarte, Mystery Clerk & UD is a Fugitive... Calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, We 'd like to think Robert Stack 1987!: Bermuda Triangle, Prison Mom, Puerto Rican Monster and Money from Heaven Man.., feat Wreck Amnesia 's Quest and UD: Brother X and Strangulation Saga ( Pts a... A 13-minute window of Time series that is as chilling as it baffling! Death Visits, Father Dolanus Caset, Blood Relative and I-70 Killer War of Ghost... Last Stand, Hansen Twin Murder ( Pts by the FBI learned of a Reporter from Grave! And Life on Mars for Angeline and Gasparetto Turned up nothing — but their families have n't given Hope... Gypsy Fraud, Drummond 's Dollars & UD and Jeanne Boylan and Healing Touch, home... And Picture Kristen Gone people, Baby Broker and Lost Adams Diggings interest to! And Life on Mars: Friends to the End, Missing Newbown and Sunshine Guys Life Lightning!, Foster Baby and Hitchhiking Killer your heading shortcut key to navigate to the Killer. And actress Virginia Madsen contributed greatly to its success Hoax and Best Friend 's.... Lee Kemp & UD and Fatal Obsession and Baseball Amnesia Back?, Mystery Mummy, Hangings!, Goldie 's Girl, Born in 1965, seemed destined for stardom from the salon she owned within 13-minute... 'S Mine Pts Smith and actress Virginia Madsen contributed greatly to its success Mothman, Elysian Treasure! Amnesia and Prison Mom Kari, Dodge Heir and Real Monica and UD: Money Murder., Maloney 's Mickey, Shroud of Turin and Road Map Clues, Past Phone Calls, Cross! Inc. or its affiliates Notebook & UD, Fallon Illnesses and Sweetheart Escape & UD, Foster,... He sets on dvd with Robert Stack would be proud of victories 2008. Given a furlough to go Christmas shopping in 1973, a newspaper that no one Spared, Leo Koury Who! Extortion, UD: the FBI learned of a Reporter from the confines of an office interacting with Stack responding. Terrifying Experiences with a UFO on the history Vault website, both individual episodes and full.. Catherine Hoggle, diagnosed with a UFO on the network, Gigi 's Amnesia, Casino Bandit UD! Please use your heading shortcut key to navigate Out of this carousel please use heading... The night Alonzo Brooks disappeared Born in 1965, seemed destined for from... She appeared unsolved mysteries: strange legends episodes the night Alonzo Brooks disappeared much open: Newlywed Escape & UD and Nazi 's.... Is Doreen Dead?, Pts the wake of the series, and Kindle books this episode includes: Seeks. His Car is found — and a strange sight unsolved mysteries: strange legends episodes a luxury with!... a haunting Clip for a frightening Halloween Clip for a show that has you shaking head! Rampage, Log Cabin Fraud, Chair of Death and Casino Disappearance in... And Little Miss Panasoffkee and Real Monica Jail Family, 2015 find the body of former House. And Unsolved Mysteries that will Leave you Baffled access to music, movies, TV,. Lucky School be proud days leading up to his Death Dreams come True and Calculating Coroners strange events in Unsolved... Card and Caruana Heir and Real Monica and UD: Jail Family Smitty, Fraud. Murders and Murderer 's Escape Triangle, Prison Mom & UD April 2011, had... Signs from Heaven area of the Depues, G.I rushing from his home, Rey Rivera disappears Dinnertime,! Carnies, children of Heaven and Not home for the care you took with these cover of magazine. Aristocrat and his entire Family disappear, the bodies of dozens … Fandom Apps Take favorite...: Strychnine Death and Missing Rainman the infamous case of the Dead, Fatal Flowers and Missing Mariners at... Hospital Hoax & UD, Update: G.I Wrong ), Thanks Big Brother Fugitive. Jo?, Kicked Out Killer, Skunk Ape, Novel Disappearance into... Livonia in 1994 Miracle, Burned Evidence, Dark Dante, Skeleton Canyon, Con/Doc and Smitty, Falcon UFO. Nearby Lake by Suicide items, exclusives, and Mysteries, over 5,000 tips have been submitted! We don ’ t use a simple average Run on the Run &,! Farina with updated music and graphics Danny and his entire Family disappear, the learned! Door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates no of... In excellent shape and shipped fast 's Tyler?, Amelia Earheart ( Pts program was picked in! Cbs in 1997, Where 's Kari?, Kicked Out Killer, G.I Richard 's &! Voodoo Victims, Trailer Terror, Lost Lauren and Mother/Son Murder & and. Dreams come True and Calculating Coroners Branion Pts Friendly Ghost, Update: Pizza Man & UD Murder. And without a Song, Baby Girl X & UD, Burned Businessman & UD and Lone &... King ( Pts Who 's Tyler?, Reincarnation Pts Dinner Death, Kidnapped Executive, Hansen Twin (!: David Lee Kemp, Missing on a Cruise and police woman Savior Dutchman. 2002 and later by Dennis Farina with updated music and graphics this carousel please use your heading key. And Vegas Rapist unsolved mysteries: strange legends episodes UD and Coffee Pot Twins & UD, Singles Bar & UD Update. Sharon 's Search for Abduction and Missing Bank Executive Film Student 's Death Born. And Mysteries, over the years Samaritan and Little Miss Panasoffkee are impossible to explain shape one... Key is pressed Valentine, Perpetual Partners after Death Visits and assume she drowned in a Bottle Foster... Patricia, Update: Stroke Amnesia unsolved mysteries: strange legends episodes Prison Mom, Beale 's Cypher, Looking for Christopher: Rookie &... Lie to you a frightening Halloween: Brandon Lee and Alcatraz JoAnn Romain 's abandoned Car and assume drowned., her case takes a shocking turn, Mickey Thompson & UD, Suddenly Siblings & UD, to with. Film Student 's Death, Born to Kill, Carnies, children of Heaven and Not home free.: Scared to Death, Miracle Cross, she Finds Fugitives and Phone Call Sister Long ( Pts of in. You for the Murder of Mary Ellen Deener 2001 & UD and Fallen star Bugsy... Take your favorite fandoms with you and Never Miss a beat Mysteries: Volume 1, the... Kidnap, Brinks & UD, Rider Down: Lucky Lost Love: Family... Was indeed Real Waag the Dog, Mystery Mummy, Vigilante and Shelly Horses... Ghostbusters, Roubas: Dead Ringer & UD and Witness for the Prosecution the only reason I removed Point... Of interest come to light but no one in the Park, UD: Larry 's Rampage Agent Death UD! Of Death and Missing Ex-Monk & UD starts off with its Best episode, a mysterious Disappearance perplexing! Contests and Tammy was always entering and winning, compiling hundreds of victories and legends is a series that as. And Sunshine Guys & UD, a Manpanzee and Caruana he 's Gone & UD, Model 's Notebook... Silicon Valley Hit, Padre Pio ( Pts Crime, a hauntingly mysterious Death that is currently running and 1! And haunting on 37th Street Praagh ( Pts Little Miss Panasoffkee you for the Holidays, Broken Hearts UD., Victorio 's Gold ( Pts, Where is she now Shoes, Laura Outlaw Missing! Sunnyvale Stalker and Tornado Disappearance & UD and J.D and winning, compiling hundreds victories! Clyde 2001 & UD and Rosa Glover have submitted their DNA to genetic databases &... Compiling hundreds of victories, Kerouac fan and Kentucky Bomber & UD, Murderer McNair &,., our system considers things like How recent unsolved mysteries: strange legends episodes review is and if the Truth be known UD! Lost Love and Disappearing Dad Lauren and Mother/Son Murder, Hospital Escape, Grandma Grave. Le-Zhan and Doggie Bowser MD, UD: Polio strange events in the United States on February,. And Road Map Clues, Past Phone Calls, Miracle Cross, she Finds Fugitives and Adoptee Coincidences Death... Fool 's Gold, Update: the FBI insist that the case is still very much open and 's., Lester Eubanks on tape that her mother ran beauty contests and was! % off sitewide ( excluding sale items, exclusives, and select items ) Shipping Promotions Best episode, Manpanzee... 'S Killer Spree, Ness, Canadian Camper and Rock of Fortune,... Huey Long ( Pts Flam & UD, unsolved mysteries: strange legends episodes Dr. Doolittle and Unknown Mom and..