Crocodiles have the strongest bite in the animal kingdom. Not this absolute force, but proportional to the weight of the animal. Hyenas and grizzly bears can also bite down very hard. The Purussaurus had a bite force over four times that of the strongest bite force ever measured in the animal kingdom. This excellent swimmer weight goes around 220 pounds, when they are mature they become lonely animals that only tolerate other of their kind when they’re about to mate, they can mate up to 100 times until they can procreate, exhausting isn’t it? Some animals can deliver a bite for thirty times more powerful, than the human bite force. If you’ve ever been bitten by a younger sibling, you surely know this first hand. Your email address will not be published. Although there are many known powerful biters in the animal kingdom, the canine world also has its own roster. Instead, gorillas feed on leaves and fruit, which don’t require very strong jaws to chew or eat. But despite its presence in film posters, the great white’s toothy mouth has received very little experimental attention. The 10 Strongest Bites in the Animal Kingdom. Tigers often consume large prey, including deer and other herbivorous mammals. The real king of the jungle, the jaguar is found from Mexico to Argentina. Additionally, unlike lions, who often hunt in packs, tigers are solitary hunters. The South American jaguar is one... Hippopotamuses. With a bite-force 1.4M kg per m² its bite is twice as strong as a lion’s. However, hippopotamuses don’t eat other animals – they only eat vegetation found in and around the water. Based on captive orca incidents it’s estimated that their bite power could exceed 19,000 PSI. What other animals can you think of that can bite exceptionally hard? Get to know about these apex predators. Gorilla 8. 6 Gorilla – Bite Force : 1300 psi. It has no natural predators, and any animal could potentially be its prey, practically impossible to escape alive from the power of its teeth. Accordingly, hippopotamuses have evolved very strong jaws, so they can inflict maximum damage during fights. 5. Bite: 1100 PSI. An adult generally ranges from 13.8 to 31.8 in carapace length and weighs from 8.4 to 80 kg 19 to 176 pounds. Which prehistoric animal has the strongest bite? " November 29 reveals that the force of this predator's bite was remarkably powerful: 11,000 pounds. Great white shark has strongest bite in animal kingdom. Silverback Gorilla PSI: 1300 I would have never expected a gorilla to be in the top 5. They can crush the skulls and spines of large prey such as wolf and horse skulls. Today, with good training, Doberman has become one of the breed pet favorite in many families, especially suitable for children. A bite from this shark will hurt like hell! A hungry tiger can eat up to (88 lbs) in one night. Distinguished by being one of the few members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Aparicio Miranda ́s work is synonymous with Average of 1766kg / cm2 . There are wild animals out there that deliver a much more powerful bite. They are also known for their great bite force which is one of the strongest in the animal kingdom. So, tigers have evolved very strong jaws to make it easier to capture prey. However, like hippopotamuses, gorillas have evolved very strong jaws to help defend their territories. Killer whales, also known as orcas, are another animal that has one of the strongest jaws. Check out the top five animals having strongest bite force: Some animals can deliver a bite for thirty times more powerful, than the human bite force. Weighing up to 933 lbs (Siberian Tiger) tiger is the largest of all cats in the world. Crocodiles. They are mostly herbivorous, but their diet also consists of fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and some mammals. Interesting question because the most likely contenders haven’t actually been measured, so the answers you get depend on whom you ask. All Rights Reserved. Nile crocodiles not only have a mouthful of teeth, but they also have exceptionally strong jaws too. And the Nile crocodile is no different. The specie of crocodile about which we are going to learn today is the biggest, heaviest and the most aggressive as compared to all the other species of crocodiles. "The largest living [animal] using its teeth for catching its prey and tearing pieces off it is the killer whale," he says. “Average” BFQ was set at 100. Strongest Bite Force - Wondering what animal has the strongest bite in the animal kingdom? This is more than enough to drive their teeth through the thick hides of deer and antelope. That being said, we are not near compared to the strongest bites in the animal kingdom that can pierce through a skull with the same ease. When it comes to the most ferocious and apex predators in the animal kingdom, we cannot disagree with the fact that the crocodiles definitely comes on top along with the most skilled predators. If you were wondering which big cat has the strongest bite, it’s the Jaguar. Your email address will not be published. Observers have seen hyenas killing dogs with just a single bite to the neck, similar hunting style to big cats. Despite an impressive bite strength, Dobermans are great family dogs and rarely aggressive. The strongest bites in the animal kingdom (20 Photos) By: Staff. As an adult, this ancient caiman had a bite force of seven tons, more than four times the strongest bite ever measured in the animal kingdom according … Powerful muscles for closing the jaws, however, contrast with … best Mexico dentist. The answer lies in the social organization of hippopotamuses. With a bite of about 3,700 PSI, a crocodile is among the animals with the strongest bites in the world. Jaguars consume a wide variety of prey species. Prehistoric great white shark had strongest bite in history. The next strongest bite comes from the modern saltwater crocodile, Crocodylus porosus, which has a bite force of 1.6 tons. They’ll usually feed on whatever prey species they encounter — usually small mammals and birds. Check out our gallery of creatures that are part of the strongest bite force ever! The weight of the animal delivering the bite is a lso taken into consideration. PSI: 350 19. Jaguar. This means that they can’t rely on the help of other tigers to catch their food. I mean, when it is measuring size of some animal… We must remember that almost all their preys in the Arctic have thick skin. With different methods, the result will be always gonna be different. There are wild animals out there that deliver a much more powerful bite. Like most other big cats (except the lion) the jaguar is a solitary killer. C. Megalodon is not a living animal. Share your examples in the comments below. As a matter in fact it is extinct. Humans have very strong jaws. 1. Meanwhile, humans have a bite force of just 162 psi. Surprisingly, crocodiles have a low jaw opening force compared to the powerful closing force. Yes, but when different people make studies in different times, it is very difficult to know how comparable really. 5. From its size, it can appear inferior to other animals on this list but don’t overlook them because, in bite force, they are even more powerful than a lion, a cougar or a wolf, neither of them made this list because of this potent little fella. As you can see, they like variety. The extraordinary bite … It can grow up to 20 feet length and 4,200–5,000 lb in weight at maturity. Having the third powerful bite behind the Great White Shark and the Nile Crocodile is good evidence. The jaguar kills by biting the head of its prey. Jaguar 6. As you can read, as humans, we are no near in comparison to these strong animals that happen to have the strongest bites on this planet. For example, the strength of human jaws is about 160 pounds per square inch. What is the toothiest critter that ever lived on our planet? Which dog has the strongest bite force? 25.Orca PSI: 19,000+ The saltwater crocodile may have the strongest bite ever measured, but that might be because it’s been impossible to measure the killer whale’s bite force with accuracy. Hippopotamus 5. Bite force experiments are at best subjective. Megalodon weighed 60 tons, and had the bite force of up to 20 tons!