If it's confirmed, the temperature of 100.4F recorded in Verkhoyansk on June 20 will be a record high in the Arctic Circle - surpassing the current high of 100F which was recorded at Fort Yukon , Alaska in 1915. The temperature was 18 degrees higher than normal and if it's confirmed by World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), it will be the warmest temperature recorded in the Arctic Circle. Humidity In Verkhoyansk, the average relative humidity is 58%. Forecast as PDF. The average June high temperature in Verkhoyansk is just 68 degrees (20 Celsius). You are about to report this weather station for bad data. The last 2 weeks of past weather data for Verkhoyansk are available for free evaluation here. Temperatures in the small Siberian town of Verkhoyansk hit 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit on Saturday, according to public-facing weather data. The average low-temperature, in Verkhoyansk, is -2.6°C (27.3°F). Verkhoyansk, a Siberian town in Sakha Republic, Russia, is one of the coldest inhabited places on earth. The temperature on Earth over the past few decades has grown, on average, by 0.18 every 10 years, but, in the Russian Arctic it increases by 0.69C every decade. The temperature in Verkhoyansk hit 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit on Saturday. On July 21, 1983, this station recorded a temperature of −89.2 °C −128.6 °F. This town holds the Guinness World Record of having the highest temperature range in the world. Average temperatures, which are 5.3 С above the 1951-1980 average, have surpassed the previous record by a "massive" 1.9 C, Berkeley Earth project lead scientist Robert Rohde said. The Verkhoyansk meteorological station had a previous air temperature record of 37.3° C observed on July 25, 1988, according to scientists German Alekseenkov and Vasily Smolyanitsky at Roshydromet's Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute. Average Weather in March in Verkhoyansk Russia. Verkhoyansk is notable chiefly for its exceptionally low winter temperatures and some of the greatest temperature differences on Earth between summer and winter. Average monthly temperatures range from −45.4 °C (−49.7 °F) in January to +16.5 °C (61.7 °F) in July. August, the last month of the summer, in Verkhoyansk, is another comfortable month, with average temperature varying between 18.6°C (65.5°F) and 5.1°C (41.2°F). At night the average minimum temperature drops down to around -39°C, that's -37°F. In Verkhoyansk, the average high-temperature slightly decreases, from a warm 23.5°C (74.3°F) in July, to an enjoyable 18.6°C (65.5°F). According to Weather.com, the average high temperature in late June in Verkhoyansk is supposed to be around 20 degrees Celsius, and the recorded 38 degrees Celsius is an anomaly. Search: JavaScript-based HTML editors Free HTML editors Pole of Cold In the southern hemisphere, the Pole of Cold is currently located in Antarctica, at the Russian formerly Soviet Antarctic station Vostok at 78°28′S 106°48′E. ... Average * Record. View Full Yearly Averages Please also visit Verkhoyansk Historical Weather , Weather widget and Weather Charts pages. We found in both cases that this event would have effectively been impossible without human-induced climate change. (AP/AAP) Temperature chart displays the maximum, minimum and average temperature from 2008 on month by month basis. Download variables like temperature, wind, clouds and precipitation as CSV for any place on Earth. It's the planet's northernmost 100-degree reading ever recorded. Please select the information that is incorrect. The average high in late June in Verkhoyansk is only in the upper 60s, or around 20 degrees Celsius.. Let that soak in for a moment. Average temperature per month. Another very cold city is Verkhoyansk, located more to the north but at sea level, in the Yana River Valley, where the coldest record is -70 °C (-94 °F) as well, or according to other sources, -68 °C (-90 °F); here, the average ranges from -46 °C (-51 °F) in January to 17 °C (63 °F) in July. Founded as a fort in 1638 and today a minor centre of tin and gold mining, Verkhoyansk is noted chiefly for its exceptionally low winter temperatures, with a January average of −56 The average high temperature there during that month is minus 50 degrees, and he added that even the coldest region of Alaska "doesn't hold a candle to the cold in Verkhoyansk." THE Arctic is thought to have recorded its highest temperature ever of 38C (100.4F) – making it hotter than Cancun, Mexico. Temperatures in peak winter season are as low as –45 degrees Celsius. Daily low temperatures increase by 22°F, from -31°F to -9°F, rarely falling below -43°F or exceeding 4°F. Siberia is supposed to be one of the coldest places in the world and clocking temperature readings closer to a tropical city in summer is worrying. Verkhoyansk: The city with the highest temperature range. Verkhoyansk, home to about 1,300 people, sits just inside the Arctic Circle, in remote Siberia. 0 F. 0 F. 0 F. Low. Temperature. We analysed the average temperatures between January and June 2020 for the large region, as well as the hottest maximum daily temperature in June 2020 for Verkhoyansk. Hide explanation. It may also have been the hottest temperature on record north of the Arctic Circle, according to Etienne Kapikian, a meteorologist with Meteo France.. The average daily relative humidity for November is around 77%. Heat Index Average temperatures and precipitation. The temperature on Earth has been growing, on average, by 0.18 degrees Celsius every 10 years. The mercury in Verkhoyansk, about 3,000 miles east of Moscow, reach… Verkhoyansk, town, Sakha (Yakutiya), far northeastern Russia, on the Yana River near its confluence with the Sartang. In Verkhoyansk, the average high-temperature increases considerably, from a freezing cold -3°C (26.6°F) in April, to a cool 10°C (50°F). Graph explanation. Relative Humidity. AD Verkhoyansk is located at 67.5 degrees north latitude, whereas the Arctic Circle begins at 66.5 degrees. In recent times the highest recorded temperature in November has been 0°C that's 32°F, with the lowest recorded temperature -55°C, about -66°F. High. Weather statistics for Verkhoyansk, Sakha (Russia) Add to My places Remove from My places. Overview; Hour by hour; Long term; Statistics; Maps ; Verkhoyansk weather station: 137 m.a.s.l., 0.0 km away from Verkhoyansk. 30 years of hourly historical weather data for Verkhoyansk can be purchased with history+. Daily high temperatures increase by 25°F, from -16°F to 9°F, rarely falling below -29°F or exceeding 23°F. Verkhoyansk, Russia - Travel and vacation weather averages, current conditions and forecasts. The Russian region's temperatures were more than 5C above average between January and June of this year. Weather in August » ★ Verkhoyansk temperature: Add an external link to your content for free. Verkhoyansk had been best known as a place of exile in czarist Russia and for sharing the Northern Hemisphere’s cold temperature record — 90 degrees below zero Fahrenheit, set in 1892.